Northern Lights, Iceland.

The Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis depending how fancy you feel) are a natural phenomenon. The pictures look surreal, and getting to witness them surely must be on everybody’s bucket list at some point. Iceland is one of the most well known places to see them, its latitude exposing the country to their effects all […]

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Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

Grace and I took the opportunity to stop off for 4 days in Iceland on the way back to Glasgow from Denver. We’ve been doing as much as we can whilst here, including a trip to the famous Blue Lagoon. (click through for a bigger version of the panorama) The lagoon is apparently one of […]

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New York – Part Four

This is slightly out of chronological order, but still worth sharing – the last of the pictures from our trip to New York a few weeks ago. On our last full day we spent the time exploring some places we hadn’t been yet, and taking lots of pictures. I love the colours in the Subway. […]

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Denver, Colorado. October 2015

Grace and I have been in Denver together for almost two weeks. She is rightfully excited to be back in her home State of Colorado. The Autumnal colours are out, and they are absolutely beautiful. I can’t work out whether they are more prominent here than back home, or if I just don’t notice them. […]

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Automattic Grand Meetup 2015

Once a year, every employee of Automattic (the folks behind get together in one place for a week. This time, we returned to Park City in Utah, which is home to the Sundance Film Festival.┬áBy this point, the company has grown to 400 people, based in locations all over the world; a number that […]

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New York – Part Three

We were far too hungover to venture out of the flat except to have dinner (and more drinks) after our big night on the tiles detailed in the last post, so there isn’t much in the way of pictures from then. The day after though, we headed out to Coney Island on the subway – […]

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