Mexico – 35mm

In August last year, a group of us went to Mexico for a week, to look at improving elements of the Terms of Service. We had originally planned to head over to Europe somewhere, but since the majority were from the USA (and a big slant towards the West Coast), we opted for a […]

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Jura is an island famous for its single malt whisky of the same name. It’s just off from Islay, and you need to catch a 5 minute boat to get to it. Unlike Islay, the whisky from the single distillery there isn’t smokey at all. We decided to take a trip over since we were […]

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Park Portraits

My pal Jenn just got back from Australia, so we met up for a quick chat last week over lunch. She needed a new picture for something as well, so it seemed as good excuse as any to bring along a couple of cameras. There’s some film shots off getting processed as we speak – […]

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Heather Campbell

I love taking portraits, and used to take far more than I do now. Rather than just being satisfied by getting candid pictures when out with friends, I’d make a point of organising to meet up with someone where the main purpose was to take some portraits. This was always viewed a bit strangely by […]

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