Glasgow Riverside

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The Transport Museum was somewhere I used to go all the time with my Gran and Granda. Afterwards I’d always have a toffee donut in the cafe at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

Things like these stick in the mind.

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I hadn’t been since the opening of the new ‘Riverside’ Museum, and thought it was probably about time to see what it was like.

The walk there was a bit bizarre, and not exactly the most picturesque… ┬áThere were definitely better ways to get there on foot, but the route suggested by both the museum and Subway’s website took us alongside the Clydeside expressway, which I can only imagine must be fairly perplexing to those not from the city.

It’s highly possible I just took us the wrong way mind you.

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The old transport museum didn’t have swans.

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I overheard a guy telling his son that this is where the Clyde meets the Kelvin river, which is something I had never realised actually happened.

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Some people love the building that now houses the collection from the old museum.. Others hate it. I personally think it’s pretty cool. Cities can never have too many unusual and distinct buildings as far as I’m concerned. There’s nothing worse than standing in the centre of a British city and feeling like it could be anywhere else in the UK.

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One of the coolest bits about the new museum is that the Tall Ship is moored in front, and you can go aboard to have a look around. Oh, and since this is Scotland, admission is free.

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I managed to get Grace swabbing the decks.

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The inside is pretty interesting as well. Of course, I’ll always lean towards what it used to be like, since that’s what I remember from being wee. The fact I can’t eat toffee donuts any longer has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Apparently these cars are on special pallets so they can be lifted off with some kind of forklift.

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CNV000018 Glasgow Riverside

Been seeing a lot of rainbows around lately.

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We wandered up further into the West End, past the esteemed University of Glasgow, where many of the finest minds have gone.


CNV000007 Glasgow Riverside

Next on our grand day out was a look around the aforementioned Kelvingrove Museum.

After about five minutes we decided that we’d had enough for one day, and opted to have beers in Brewdog and go for a curry instead.

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March 2014, Glasgow
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