Dublin – July 2015

This past week I was in Dublin to meet up with the rest of the WordPress.com legal team. We were spending some time catching up with people in person, working on our latest transparency report, and of course… drinking our fair share of the black stuff. I really like Ireland. Whether it’s simply down to […]

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Film Pics at night

This is a post I’ve had queued up for ages but haven’t posted. Imagine you’re reading this a few months ago: I’ve been a busy guy lately. A man with a plan. A man in demand. International man of mystery. Etc. Okay, not quite, but it seems like our group of friends from school days […]

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Barcelona on 35mm

Digital is good for dark places. Colour film remains king in the sun. Some pictures from Barcelona, back in May. All shot on a Leica M6, and Jupiter 12 35mm f2.8 or Canon 50mm f0.95. say hello: ~@stephenemm or ~Google+

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