The problem with photographing people is that they’re not really used to the whole ‘being photographed’ thing. Where do I look? What do I do? Do I sit like this? Try act natural.. etc.

The idea of taking photos of someone just for the pleasure, and not getting them naked and onto some weird silky bedsheet or white backdrop along with a shiny gold heel through the thong you bought for them earlier, in the usual poses along with smoke and light-filters can seem totally alien given that’s what most ‘photographers’ have a reputation for doing.

The worst part is that it ends up rubbing off on you, and you worry about what the people you’re photographing must think about you – that you’re somehow some sort of weird perverse freak. It’s difficult to be natural in that situation.

So I’m grateful for Kirsty’s patience with me fumbling around awkwardly after being out of practice at being relaxed when shooting.

I blame the clubs for the over-self-awareness.

Hasselblad goodness with Kodak Portra 800


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