I had a fight with my cameras today.

I’m not quite sure who won. It might have been a draw.

The Hasselblad, ever the artist, decided to throw a wobbly and overlap all of the frames on the reel. I think it was a bit put-out by the fact that the Mamiya had come along for the day as well.

Later on, the Mamiya shots got their revenge by developing a nice magenta colour cast across the entire spool. Bloody fiddly bits. There’s so many stages that can go wrong in the process of film photography, and today every stage seemed to want to have its say.

The worst part is, when it’s you that’s doing the developing, shooting etc.. You can’t blame the manufacturer or anything else. You’ve got no-one to blame but.. you.

Here’s a shot of the ever-smiley Louise, to try remind us all that not everything is that horrible.

And also to be nicer to Mr. Hasselblad.


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