Harsh sun always proves a challenge for photographers. Having deep shadows on one side of the face, with the other bathed in white light doesn’t make for the most flattering of portraits, so finding the right spot becomes even more important. Tall Georgian style buildings shrowd whole streets in darkness at other times of the day too, which is another complicating factor.

Amanda’s one of those people who’s so easy to talk to that you can end up lost down a path of bizarre conversation, wondering how on earth you ended up there.

We both shared the same bemusement at the reporting of the trainer at Sea World in America that had been killed by uhm.. a killer whale.

You keep a giant killing beast in a bathtub and you act surprised when it goes by its nature every so often?

It’s like that lion who mauled the moron who decided to put his head inside its cage, despite warnings everywhere to the contrary. You don’t screw with the King of the Jungle. Especially not when you’ve kept him prisoner in a cage for years.

This is the first reel of the batch lot that I bought on eBay. Expired in 2007 – Kodak Portra 160NC – Hasselblad 500CM


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