As time goes on, I grow ever more weary of over-discussion about fine details, techniques or philosophies that are absolute (or that reek of absolutism), and more revulsed at the forcefulness of amateurs who live in the abstract.

Armchair philosophising or de rigeur about how things should be done or thought about or felt.. which camera to use… how to hold your it properly… whether or not God requires us to follow certain dogma… the makeup and criterion of heaven… What God thinks of homosexuality or women…

As Kierkegaard said, to live in the abstract is self-deception. In order to understand fully and become who we are, we need to experience… live it, breathe it – not adopt elitist intellecual stances which only serve our own egos.

Love what you do and be it. All the other questions are meaningless.

Hasselblad with Kodak Portra 400VC


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