This is me looking serious.

The good news is that Royal Mail managed to work out where they sent my package to. I tried to explain that when it’s special delivery, I’d rather that it went to the address on the front, and not to a neighbour, without giving any sort of notice.

Anyway, that’s enough for the digs at the Royal Mail. I don’t like being overly critical, especially when people are working hard for little thanks in return.

In other news, today I’m embarking on a 24 hour fast. I’ve rediscovered a book from years ago called ‘101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life”, which I loved when I was a bit younger.

It’s not for religious reasons or anything else, but ‘exploring the moods and reactions of your body and mind as the day goes on’.

I’m into all that stuff.

Last time I did a 24 hour fast was with this youth group to raise money for some charity. As soon as the clock chimed 24 (err.. sortof), we tried to find something in my friend’s house that we cook eat.. and well, something that we could cook.

Tomato soup it was. I might get some for old time’s sake.

Kodak Portra 400VC – Mamiya c330 – shot by Kaylie


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