Canon 7 with f0.95 50mm Rangefinder Calibration

Just a note for anyone who picks up one of these rangefinders with regards to how to calibrate it (i.e. if the images don’t match up in the rangefinder when they should – if it’s too high or too low), as there’s not much info on the web about how to do it, which left me searching across Glasgow for different tools in dodgy shops to get it to work.

It’s easy when you know how. The vertical calibration is done by the little ‘plug’ with two holes that sits next to the shutter speed dial. You need to turn this anti-clockwise until it comes out. You’ve to use a ‘pin-wrench’ for this, but since I tried everywhere and no-one had heard of such a thing, the cheapest and best way is to use a pair of tweezers – the pointy-ended ones from Boots or some other chemist type place will fit great, and they cost about £2

Once you’ve got the plug out (don’t lose it!), you need to use a tiny screwdriver to adjust the vertical axis. You won’t be able to see the screw, so you’ll need to do it blind. It’s a size 2.0mm that you can get in a precision set. They usually come in six pieces, and you can pick them up at any hardware place like B&Q for a couple of quid. They’re the flat kind – not a star or anything like that. Stick it into the hole and twist it round when you feel resistance. Be gentle! It’s quite fiddly too.. so it might take a while – adjust it whilst you check in the rangefinder to see it align.

After that, you’ll probably need to adjust the horizontal axis as well – take off the screw on the front of the camera between the viewfinder and frameline window. This is just for cosmetic purposes, and again, the tiny screw is on the inside. Focus on something in the distance, turn the lens to infinity.. and check it all aligns nicely. Job done.


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