We headed up to Bothwell Castle today. My mum and dad grew up nearby, and I can imagine that it’s a favourite haunt of local youths. Infact, the stray bottlecaps in the grass gave that away. I can’t decide if I’d be one of the ones that would be hanging out there, or if I’d be too wary of going down, because of all the drunks. Ah the quandries of youth.

Here I am with my beloved umbrella, that was broken by my sister a while ago. Anyone know where I can get an umbrella spoke repaired? It cost me a bomb to import from America. Sad, maybe, but it was in one of my favourite films – ‘The Big Empty’ – sported by the only celebrity I’ve ever fancied – Rachael Leigh Cook – and so I had to have it.

We could have gone inside, but given that it cost £3.70 each, we opted for the traditional role of the proletariat and ate our reduced sandwiches from the co-op outside the walls.

… and for charging almost £4 quid a pop for entry, they’ve not put much thought into the restoration have they? Evidenced by the red bricks used to replace the traditional stone. It wouldn’t happen anywhere else.


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