It’s another one of these shots, but that’s okay – you don’t need to look.

I’ve spent the past few days tightening screws, tweaking rangefinders, getting ND4 and protective UV filters, buying fairy lights and other bits and bobs after the acquisition of the Canon 7.

I remember what it was like when I was working full-time and spending money on different things for my 5D.. new lenses, different flashes.. all that sort of stuff – to let me have a complete set of gear that I could use in any situation – and how exciting the whole thing was. Taking new photos of people with different equipment that let you do new things was always a good feeling.

I used to buy lots of random stuff as well – different hats and outfits and things to try out in photoshoots. Some of the stuff never even got used, as people bailed on the ideas before we actually got to photograph them.

It seems that the more I become inspired creatively, the more broke I’m going to be. To take beautiful photos (or even crap ones) requires a fair whack of investment. I’m just dying to be able to see some of the things I can do with my new stuff.

I don’t want this to seem as if I’m some rich-kid throwing money about – it’s far from that. I work hard to balance working three days a week at nightclubs with working part-time for a software company as well as doing my degree full-time. I walk to Uni instead of getting the subway, and avoid spending money on myself in other ways, because I’d rather save it up and spend it on something I’ll really like.. like new lenses. lol.So, I have some new fairy lights coming this week to aid in the pursuit of bokeh, and Kerry’s coming up on Sunday to try some pictures out.

I am looking forward to it greatly.

Oh, and this was shot in the lift of our flat on crappy Konica 200VX film – ISO200! in a lift! Crazy.


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