The Swatch store opened in Glasgow a couple of days ago. Well, it really opened a while ago, but this was the launch party – cheap swiss rolls and all. I should know about the quality – I was born in Zurich – no-one seemed to believe this though. It’s true though! – on my driving licence and everything; has caused more than a few problems when abroad or getting disclosure checked. Countries don’t seem to understand when their citizens’ don’t have birth certificates from the country they hold a passport from.. to top it off, UK Provisional licenses don’t actually say ‘UK’ anywhere on them, so when your birthplace is listed as ‘Switzerland’, it can bring difficulties when trying to use them as British ID.

Despite that, I drank my share (or more?) of free champagne and spent time with my lovely friends that are now working there. Thing is, I now want one of those multicoloured watches. All my extra cash goes towards photography related endeavours, so the chances of affording a bright-wristpiece is slim.

Shot on digital (Canon 5D) as the occasion called for it.


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