My sister and I both have birthdays within 5 days of each other – some handy financial planning from the parents. It means that we can have some sort of joint family do around about the general time.

Communal eating has always been a big thing for our family, spurred on by the fact that we have a whole branch out living in Athens, Greece – where people like to eat, and drink.. and eat… Not a bad life really.

As such, copious amounts of red wine were washed down with a few shots of ouzo and plenty of involuntary Greek dancing as we ate and drank our way through the night.

A few years ago if I’d been told to dance in the middle of a circle of total strangers in a restaurant, I’d probably have ran screaming from the room – or more likely – sloped off quietly when no-one noticed; always a better strategy. Alcohol lubricates everything though (steady), and before long I was clapping to build tension, before pointing from side to side. I quickly stopped this when I realised I was pointing right at a rather confused man at the other side of the circle – this can be taken the wrong way quite easily in Glasgow.

Getting older isn’t all that bad really.


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