I don’t want to do anything today really. Not in the city at least.

When myself and Kerry went our drive the other day and ended up in Aberfoyle, what struck me was that you could inhale and the air felt clean and fresh. My parents used to always say that when we’d go away somewhere for the day, but I’d never really noticed it until I moved into the city centre.

So today, I’m down to work at a clubnight and some gigs, but I’d rather be out in the hills somewhere. Maybe tomorrow.

Hasselblad 500CM with Kodak Portra 400VC

Katherine Rose: I haven’t tried out the new Impossible Project film yet – I’m sure it’ll be fun to use, but I’m broke just now; living off the Polaroid stocks I’ve got in my fridge. Till those packets run out, I’ll probably not be trying it.


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