It’s Easter, and the Cathouse brought the two titans together for another year to battle in an all-or-nothing wrestling match. Jesus versus the Easter Bunny.

I’m sure that on some level this is blasphemy, but if I had to give a serious answer to that question, then I’d need to say that I actually find it quite an amusing take on the whole secular/religious holiday conflict.

The other answer of course, is that I don’t really care, and there’s far more important things that I’m sure Jesus would want me to be outraged about.

That said, there was some serious carnage going on, with ‘straight-edge Jesus’ being put through a table by the bunny, tube lightbulbs being smashed and drawing pins used. Being down the front, I got showered in glass and then beer on more than one occasion. I’m not litigious though, so there’s no cause for alarm from anyone 😉

And so it turns out that people actually read this thing, which is a bit strange. Just as Percival Everett and Douglas Coupland talk about having a universal narrator which you hear in your head as you read something irrespective of the genre or character, I feel a bit like that about writing stuff. It’s more throwing words into space – never considering that anyone will actually pick them up and do something with them. Let alone on a regular basis.

Pictured is Susannah, “my law friend who I never see at Uni” (her words), and it was her who mentioned that she checks in from time to time on here. If you’re reading this, then email me. If I can convince her, hopefully I’ll have some nice filmy Hasselblad pics to come soon (!)


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