I have renamed the blog.

That’s right.

Since I’m actually using this way more than I expected to, then I’ve decided to make use of a name I had been kicking about for ages looking for a home.

‘Throw Your Body On The Apparatus’ is now allmyfriendsarejpegs.com – so called because of its truth.

All your links/bookmarks etc will remain intact, so have no fear.

As a recap, the following three sites will make up the suite of my personal photo-related happenings for those of you that take an interest:

Flickr – a couple of photo uploads a day to the world’s favourite photo-sharing service, or whatever they’re calling themselves now.

allmyfriendsarejpegs.com – this wonderful piece of literary rambling that you’re on just now. This will mirror Flickr to a certain extent, but will be more bloggy and rambling, with more than one photo from each shoot. Why? Well.. if you upload more than one picture from the same series to Flickr in too quick a succession it seems messy and out-of-control. Here we can hurtle off the rails happily.

StephenMcLeod.co.uk – the static, loyal ‘portfolio’ for showing prospective clients and so forth. Updated once in a blue moon or less. As resilient as lassie.



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