The day has come, and my pal Kerry will be sitting in Heathrow airport somewhere just now, probably on the floor, with a pork-pie hat aloft her head.

The past while has been a bit of a weird emotional rollercoaster after realising that she really is going off to the other side of the world for a whole year. Normally, I wouldn’t be that bothered about other people leaving – it’s just part and parcel of the ebb and flow of life.. and in any event, I’m a bit of a loner at heart, so the absence of any particular person doesn’t really have that big an effect on me normally.

It seems that after just over a year of purposefully making time for each other, and not just relying on the easy “You out this weekend?” game that so many people play with their friendships, that it’s not that simple to just wave someone off. To quote a wise man – “I was pretty badly damaged by loneliness growing up” – and for me it’s always been a big thing too; how to relate or feel close to people has never been all that straightforward. Kerry somehow managed to get under my skin, which is where all this unexpected emotion has come from.

Either way, we’ve had an awesome time the previous couple of weeks before she’s gone off to explore the culture of the Antipodean, and she better keep in touch with all the amazing stuff she’s going to be doing – even if that does just include lying on a beach sipping cocktails somewhere.

Here’s to Kerry – and as of now I’m going to stop being as ridiculously sentimental over the whole thing. She definitely wouldn’t approve of it.


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