Chinese ‘skylanterns’ are awffy cool. If you have a quick search on Youtube or similar you’ll find festivals all over the Orient where they set off hundreds of these things at once.

Having come down to the beach in Crail in various degrees of intoxication for the past few years, we took a different turn this time. Instead of acoustic guitars and bottles of wine we opted for some of the skylanterns. As a health warning, it’s probably best not to light these things when drunk. We’d never do such a thing.

The first attempt was not the most successful.. ending with me chasing after the bloody thing to stomp out the fire and stop a nearby fence going ablaze. The ones that followed had more luck, but took a considerable time to get up in the air properly. Who knows how they manage to get it timed so well to light hundreds at once in those videos.

There’s something incredibly calming and.. soulful about being out of the city, on a beach where no-one is around, in the pitch-black, with the sounds of the sea.

Setting those lanterns off seemed to mean something, or to represent something.

I’m not really sure what.


All shots were lit by a combination of torches and flame – taken on a Canon 5D, 50mm f1.4 and either by myself, Kaylie or Keith. They made me say that.


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