So who’s actually going to be voting in May then?

I ask because I don’t actually think I’m going to bother.

I’m aware of the automatic shock-and-horror reactions that this provokes – the idea that you’re either too stupid to be engaged or understand what’s at stake, or that you don’t appreciate ‘those that died’ for you to be able to have the privilege.

The privilege to what though? The privilege to participate in a first-past-the-post system that renders that vote less than meaningless?

I’d lean towards supporting the UK Greens, but without some form of proportional representation, it’s literally just wasted time.

The idea of the Tories getting into power is enough to make my mind retreat in horror and block out the possibility that Middle-England are going to bring them back. Given the strong Labour tradition in Scotland (i.e. anti-Tory), I’m almost tempted to just vote for them to make sure Cameron and his fascists don’t get in.

..but then… vote for the party that supports foreign invasions; the expenditure of £4m+ per day on nuclear weapons in Faslane and other such nonsense? It’s hard to believe that this is the lesser of the two evils.

I could always ‘spoil my ballot’ – whatever that means. Hell, at least when half the country spoiled their ballots in the Scottish Parliament elections by accident we still had more of a meaningful vote than we do in this farce.

This is all pretty boring really, and the same things are perpetuated ad nauseam come every election-time, but sometimes the only way to properly object is to withdraw from a crappy process as much as possible.

Or set fire to the polling station.


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