I seem to go through cycles of re-invention. Every so often, an impatience builds up within me that needs to be quelled with some sort of change. Most people will notice the changing of my hair colour, but tattoos, piercings, different clothes or bigger and whiter glasses; even change in situation or location – for whatever reason (as this could be pontificated about endlessly), there’s some restless part inside that demands change every once in a while.

It made me think about the Buddhist idea of Annica; the concept of the impermanence of everything from the tiniest atom to the tallest mountain. This is seen as causing people to suffer due to the inability of their desires ever to be fulfilled except in a transient way.

The desire for permanence – be it in material things, relationships or situations – and the inability to attain it is seen as the human condition.

What if the desire you have is actually impermanence? What if instead of looking for a permanent solution to a desire, you desire a state of perpetual change?

Does the perpetual changing state in itself become a permanent state through its constancy, and therefore can never be perpetual?

Who knows. The questions are more interesting than answers.

Canon 7 Rangefinder with 50mm f0.95 – expired Fuji Superia 1600 devved in a Tetenal C41 kit. Yass


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