Today I experienced first hand an impressive waste of NHS time and money.

I woke up with a giant… face. The only way I can describe it is to say that I now look like a hamster. Or a chipmunk.

My glands and neck and all that have swollen up so much that my neck’s about the same size as my head. Great.

I went to the doctor, told them on the phone what it was like, and that my friends had had mumps and glandular fever recently.

I drive back home, wait on the doc, and I’m told that I might have mumps or glandular fever. Because of this, I should make… err.. another appointment for the next day, to have blood taken.

This is literally a five minute job which people in surgeries are trained to do to let the doctors be free to do other things. Why on earth does it make more sense to have two separate appointments on different days to do something as simple and inevitable as a blood test? Especially when I live so far away from the surgery.

Stupid. Instead I’m going to the hospital clinic up the road where they’ll sort it out.

This is a picture of me. I do not have a swollen face in this, but it looks like it.

BeLomo Vilia with expired 35mm film. Bleach bypassed in my tetenal kit.


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