What’s your favourite camera? – Brian O’Mahony

I don’t really have favourites of anything – be it films, books or TV shows.

I do have some that I like more than others though.

For any commercial stuff that needs ‘perfection’ (so called), as well as speed, or lots of pictures at once, my Canon 5Ds and array of lenses are the workhorses. Combined with the battery grips and the full-frame sensors, they’re solid and reliable to work with.

Film-wise, it really depends what I want to do, or what kind of pictures I’m after.

The Hasselblad is one beast that I’m especially fond of. Everything from its build-quality to the sharpness of the lenses to the notches on the edges of the pictures to let you know which way round they are (a massive bonus when scanning!) to the aura of the camera, to the KERTHWOOMP! noise the shutter makes… awesome.

The Leica iiia I got recently is a beautiful wee thing as well; so tiny and such a pleasure to use. I need to do more with it before I say much more though.

Another one in a similar vein – the Canon 7 with 50mm f0.95 is a favourite. It’s pretty much self-explanatory why! It also took the two pictures on this blog.

and against all discernible logic, I love this stupid cheapo piece of Russian plastic. The BeLomo Vilia is the one I’ve got tattooed on my arm. It’s too big to fit in the pocket, the lens doesn’t stop down past f3.5 (or similar), it doesn’t sit flat on a table because the rewind button sticks out too far, and the focussing with it is all guess work… but for some reason it’s got style.. and every so often, it takes a picture that surpasses all of its mediocre elements.


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