This is my gorgeous pal Rosie.

We met many years ago at a sort of outdoor centre/camp near Aviemore (Abernethy Nethybridge), where we did a whole host of things like rock climbing and jumping off of rocks into the sea.

…Well, that’s what we were meant to do. Most of the time we were far more interested in dossing about and getting to know everyone else. Far more interesting than all that outdoor stuff.

The bond that was made in that single week out of the year with those people at that time is one of the most unusual I’ve ever experienced. For whatever reason, be it the intensity of the time together, the kind of personalities we had, or indeed our age at the time, Abernethy has given us friends that we’ll never forget; the type that you can go months or even years without seeing or hearing a peep from, yet know that the minute you do, it’ll be like nothing’s changed; as if it was only yesterday.

You know the kind.

They were the ones I clung onto a bit when I was young to keep my sanity through some extreme loneliness, and they continually amaze me to this day at the bizarre and fearless things they get up to.

I wouldn’t be the same person if I’d never met any of them.

Hasselblad 500CM – Kodak Portra 400VC (expired) – tetenal c41 home developed.


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