I’m incredibly bad at getting the focus spot on when it comes to doing it manually with wide apertures. I blame my eyes.

There’s nothing worse than having a shot you love ruined by being clearly off-focus. I think I definitely need to invest in a special diopter..

When it does get pulled off with the Hasselblad though, it makes it all worthwhile.

Here’s Lynne, who when some other people had me doubting the reliability of people by pulling out and not bothering to let me know, said she’d help me feed the photo-taking addiction at the last minute. We even had tea. Ginger and cinnammon to be exact. In separate pots, not combined.

I won’t be uploading much in the coming few days, as I’ll be off in the wilderness with some bottles of whisky. Proper single malt stuff this time, not the usual fare that’s been seen recently in my pictures. When you’re slumming it with your accommodation, you need to ensure your whisky is of a certain standard.

I’ll leave you in Lynne’s capable hands. She’s someone who despite being a few years younger in numeric terms, is infinitely cooler than I’ll ever be.

Hasselblad 500CM with Kodak Portra 400VC (expired 2006) – deved with Tetenal C41 chems.

edit – since posting this, I’ve decided to buy a diopter for the Blad’s focussing screen. The strongest I could get was a -1, which is okay, as it’s the same as my other cameras. It should at least give me more of an edge in the battle for focal sharpness (I made that term up).

Alongside that, I do have a grid screen in the beast.. Not sure whether it’s an acute matte version or not. Anyone have any idea how to identify it? Click on the ask bit above and let me know.


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