Sometimes, what’s bad for the body is good for the soul.

This is the beach at the Back of Keppoch, near Arisaig/Mallaig in the north-west of Scotland, where myself, Suede, Grant, Rachel and her boyfriend Tom set up camp for the past few days. The beaches up this way are unbelievable – pictures don’t do it justice. It’s crazy to think that there are waters so clear and beaches so white just 3 hours (ish) drive away from Glasgow.

We had planned to go up wild camping, so when Suede told me that there was nowhere to do it without a fair trek through the hills, I didn’t believe him. A few car journeys and searches later, and there was nowhere that wasn’t private land; miles away from somewhere to park or right next to somebody’s house. Strangely, even parts of the coast were sectioned off in places..

Seasoned campers would maybe have been able to find somewhere, but going by the code provided for by the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, there was nothing immediate, so we ended up on a strip of land on a ‘campsite’ – which was essentially a croft with the back rented out; nothing like sites you’d normally think of.

It’s funny how the simplest things can give such deep satisfaction. At one point as we sat about, all sharing the food and different bits and pieces that we’d brought along, it hit home just how amazing and important these times are; not just as experiences, but to put us in touch with that bit inside that gets clogged up and clouded over in our own individualistic lives.

I’m already looking forward to the next trip… out near the mountains seems like a plan.


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