I gave Rachel a lift back up to Dundee today whilst I headed across the Tay bridge afterwards to see Kaylie in the Kingdom of Fife

Despite making the journey far more interesting, Rach’s company made me think about how over the last couple of weeks I’ve been so desperate to get away and do different things; to avoid that feeling of stagnation that comes from too much repetition – be that in work, study or otherwise.

Being a student and working at the weekends has meant that all the time I would have had previously to get away and do this sort of stuff has been squeezed out. When I contrast that with when I was working four days a week in my ‘permanent’ job with the amount I travelled back then, it’s definitely an eye opener.

As I sped away from the city on the Tay illuminated with sunshine, I decided that I need to make a conscious effort to do things more often. When I think about it, I’ve got friends in cities and towns all over the place; it’s just a matter of driving and actually going to see them more often.

We need to fight to cling on to our human-ness.. our souls… else the conveyor belt of modern life will become the everything.

Leica iiia – Jupiter-3 – Fuji Neopan 1600 – ND4 filter.

Back of Keppoch or thereabouts, the Highlands, May 2010


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