The whole idea that shooting gigs, clubs and festivals is something to aspire to as a photographer is ridiculous.

Having to fight constantly to prove your credentials; dealing with people who have no common-sense, be they security, venue staff or other photographers; never being on the guest-list when you should be; being led in and out of the pit for 3 songs or even less like cattle; being a target for drinks and cups full of other even nastier bodily fluids, and never really being able to enjoy yourself properly with all the drunken idiots in the world sticking their oar in to give you their so-called-expert opinion .. all to get photos that look exactly the same as everyone else’s that you’ll never be able to sell and that are frankly just boring is just the tip of the whole horrible iceberg. Oh, and you’re meant to appreciate all of this as if it was some holy gift from heaven because you get into gigs for free.

Forget that. Take photos of your life; not someone else’s – they’re far more interesting.


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