Know that old saying that your parents might have rattled off to you, about not burning the candle at both ends? I’ve definitely used up all of my wick this past week.

In contrast to the more relaxed demeanour of when I was away, there was a whole host of different nights in different clubs about the place that I was down to do – as well as other jobs ontop of that.

The difficulty of being a freelancer is that you can’t really refuse jobs unless you’re already booked; it could damage your chances of being asked in the future when you might really need the work.

I don’t really think much about saying yes to everything that comes my way, but after being warned by a colleague that I’d end up getting more infections and things due to the lack of sleep and time to recuperate, I had to pull out of one of the nights I was down for as I was completely burned out. As one of the manager’s at one club said – “sometimes you just want to do normal stuff like watch TV or something!”

Luckily one of the nights was GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS at the Cathouse, and I got to spend time with my ol’ poledancing pals Missie and Gemma. It’s always amusing how a girl in her underwear on a big metal thing can reduce most men to babbling idiots. It’s not really something that’s ever had a big effect on me. What’s the point in pure aesthaetic pleasure in such situations? That said, I didn’t mind too much when they started singing sexual healing by the walrus of love to me in the dressing room.

Whilst working at a company family-fun-day, I also discovered that whilst I’m fine with a camera, I’m crap with a sumo suit. To be fair, being pitted against someone with rugby training probably wasn’t the fairest of matchups.

Tumblr isn’t being very nice to me on my home web connection, so if I don’t answer as quickly, forgive me.


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