How come cocktails are so expensive? I know you’re paying for all the ingredients and what-not, but surely the alcohol-to-money ratio is much less than what’s required for us hardened drinkers. The raspberry mojito was pretty good mind you.

As we got the subway from the City Centre to the West End, we realised that we’d never actually done much as a ‘flat’ when we actually lived together (myself, Alex and Daz – Kaylie and Dan being the honourary additions) – so it was a bit strange. Whenever we’d gone anywhere before it was usually to Tesco, or the cinema for a ‘goth day out’.

Since I was at work I bestowed the trust upon Kaylie to bring along the 50mm f0.95 beastie to play with in ‘Nude’ – if you’ll look at the bokeh-fied lights in the above pictures you’ll see why. She failed me though, so I was left with the Canon 5D and 24-70 that I had in my bag.

It’s weird shooting people like this on digital; it’s been so long. And it feels kind of dirty. They didn’t come out too bad though. That’s not to say that the f0.95 wouldn’t have been sa-weet. It’ll just give an excuse to go drink some more expensive drinks another time.

p.s. Tumblr access is still up and down, so forgive me if replies to messages and so forth take a little longer than usual.


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