Another digital photo? Phwoar. I better not make this a habit. I just devved 3 rolls of 120 though, so I think I’m allowed.

The Royal Mail have again managed to screw things up. I’m waiting on a new WLF for my Hasselblad so I can use the diopter lens I got to compensate for my crappy eyesight.. Of course the postal service apparently tried to deliver it last week when I was ‘out’, and when I arranged redelivery for the Saturday, I was sitting waiting for the door to go expectantly.

It did go, but it was a package for Alex. When I rang today to find out if they had my parcel, they said they’d tried to deliver it on Saturday but no-one was in… uhhh right.

How come it’s only the City Centre I have this problem with? All my parcels’ll be going to work or a friend’s house from now on.

Glasgow, June 2010
Canon 5d – 50mm f1.4


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