This is my latest tattoo …meaning ‘the secular doesn’t exist’

It’s an idea that has changed my whole outlook on life in the past few months. At first glance, those who don’t believe in any sort of God will have a negative reaction towards it, but there’s a whole lot more involved than first meets the eye.

Many ‘Christians’, whether aware of it or not, view the world in terms of what is Godly or Holy and what is secular, or ‘of the world’. They retreat from any involvement in their surroundings and communities, quoting verses or even just repeating theologies verbatim that have been drummed into them by their middle class upbringing or indoctrinations. To them, God is in the church and the people who follow or believe in him. All this whilst claiming that ‘The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it’…

The idea that the secular doesn’t exist is a rejection of the idea that only those who believe in God have a claim to something deep and spiritual. It’s a rejection of the idea that you have to consciously be singing or reading or praying or thinking about religious stuff in order to worship or be involved in something deep. It’s a celebration of the idea that if you believe that God is in everything, that really means everything – be it in the enjoyment of art, music, work, or even just breathing. ‘God is in the rain.

When you start to see things this way, it makes it impossible to reduce people to targets for salvation, or to patronise who they are. You get to see the beauty in everything.

Tα εγκόσμια δεν υπάρχουν


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