Jen’s a nurse of some description. She was a few years above me in school, and we’ve had a bizarre close-but-not-close-relationship for years. The last time I saw her was a fair while ago, when we went to see ‘The Happening’ – a film slated by the critics, but which I think is genius! This was before Zooey Deschannel had become the cult figure she is today, and I realised how gorgeous she is.

Jen had missed her graduation for various reasons, which included the whole photography bit.. so when she gave me a text offering wine in exchange for a picture or few of her in the whole University garb, I had to accept.

We didn’t have a scroll, but that’s okay. Scrolls are a bit hard to look natural with.

I’m loving this Neopan 400 pushed to 800.. Going to need to bulk buy it before it all disappears thanks to Fuji’s discontinuation.

Glasgow, June 2010
Hasselblad 500CM with Fuji Neopan 400 – pushed to 800

Had to crack out the digital as well, to satisfy any portrait-orientated requirements.. You know people are about these things.

and of course I had to try it on for size. I don’t like the fact that the colours match Lenzie Academy’s though..


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