All these beautiful films came in the post today.

For those of you as sad as me, pictured is:

  • 10x 36 35mm rolls of LegacyPro ISO400 black and white film – basically repackaged Neopan 400. I’m going to push these babies all the way to 1600.
  • 20x 36 35mm rolls of Fuji Superia 1600 – expired just in February 2010, I got these for about half price. The trick of film buying is to jump on the bargains when you spot them! I’ve got about 50 rolls of this stuff in the fridge now – but most of it’s older than this stock.
  • 2 100ft (30 odd metres) of Fuji Neopan 1600 bulk film. This stuff has to be loaded into reusable film cassettes using a special loader (or by hand if you’re brave and/or skilled). You can get about 20 rolls out of one tin of this stuff.

    It was listed as having expired in 2006, but the box actually says 2002. It shouldn’t make a massive difference since it’s black and white, but because it’s high-speed it could be a bit of a worry. I’ll be arranging for a discount or it’ll be heading back from whence it came.

I love getting packs of film through – it makes me irrationally happy.

It just seems such a noble thing… film that is. Sitting there with its head held high; knowing that it has a purpose to fulfil; sneering at the digital equipment nearby. It’s got an intrinsic knowledge of its worth. It’s good, and it knows it.

As well as that, there’s the fact that each roll represents a whole host of times and pictures and memories that are still to come; still to be created.

It’s exciting.

And it’s more than about just the film.


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