The more I speak to ‘Christians’ as of late, the more I am convinced that the Church is dead.

I find it so difficult to understand how people can justify treating people like shit in the name of God when Jesus not only befriended those that were outcast, but said they were the ones that his Kingdom would be built on. It’s difficult to even find the words to express the feelings I have about this.

The idea that it’s okay to treat people with contempt and superiority purely based on their orientation (or any other choice) is so against what Jesus’ life was all about, it makes me angry to the point of sickness.

It doesn’t just make me sick actually, it makes me profoundly sad.

Jesus did not live or die to castigate those who were not perfect – infact, if you think about it, that was the whole point.

I apologise on behalf of those who have trashed the image of the Jesus I believe in.


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