Rachel said she could kill for a cup of tea. I think most of us could; us being hungover and it being a dreich Scottish day were the main factors.

When I announced that I had tea-bags and she pulled out her UHT milk, the only thing that was missing was cups. (well, I had my thermal mug because I am a camping God obviously)

Ever the creative one, Rach fashioned cups out of these Carlseberg cans. Genius.

This is the first year in four that I have not been photographing at T in the Park. There was a whole barrel-load of reasons why I chose not to do it, but it still makes me feel a bit weird and left out when I see it on the TV. Stupid eh?

I met a lot of really cool people in 2007 when I was doing the rounds, so it’s a bit sad not to be involved this time – it’s become a sort of annual tradition.

I’m trying to remind myself that going on my own and having to fight to get a camping space from the PR staff and making not very much dosh from the whole affair outweighs the experience, but maybe not. There’s always next year.

May 2010, Portnaluchaig
Hasselblad 500CM – 80mm – expired Kodak portra 400VC (2007)


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