When Mike and Melissa asked me to do their wedding photos, I was a bit hesitant as I’ve avoided doing them in the past. Digital wedding photos are so stale and boring half (all of?) the time, and to do them properly on film would have meant having to charge a bomb to cover the processing costs.

Now that I do it all “in-house” (a grand way of saying I do it in the bathroom), I really had no excuse but to accept.. and I’m glad I did. Being given the go-ahead to use any sort of camera and format and style I wanted was the deal clincher, which meant I could crack out the medium format and not worry about the occasional light leak or colour shift.

As I’ve said before, once you get there and everything starts rolling, all the stress goes away. It’s just you and your cameras – just like any other job. Yeah, you can’t lose the photos or stuff up the developing, but really… is there any commercial job where you could afford to do such a thing?

All in all it was a good day – Kaylie came along to be the ‘assistant’ and hold various cameras and films and bags at different points. I might have been doing this a while, but four camera bodies is a bit too much even for me to lug about at once!

You couldn’t have asked for a lovelier and more down-to-earth couple either, with Melissa asking me “Can you tell I don’t normally dress like this?!” as she left the red Merc and made her way up to the venue. Posing with some stone carvings that looked like penises was also a highlight.

Below (and above!) are a selection of the Hasselblad shots from the day. 35mm will come later.

Not enough people shoot weddings on Hasselblad anymore.


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