I should have taken more photos of Paris when she was only a 20 minute walk away.

I find that all the time – that when people actually stay in Glasgow, I never hear from them, or we keep in contact less than we did when we lived apart.

Whether that’s down to friendships that thrive on distance or just that it’s easier to feel close to someone that you don’t have to see all the time I’m not sure. I’d rather not dwell on it too much incase I find an answer that I don’t like.

Either way, now that she’s not here I wish I’d taken more pics, and hung out more.

Today she told me that when I was older I should make a movie of my life, with all the things I end up doing. It’s an interesting idea..

What would you include in a film about your life? What would be the highlights? How would you pick who featured more prominently than others? Would you only focus on the positive parts or show everything… personal failures and regrets as well as the glossy triumphant episodes?

Thinking about it though, I’m not sure my life would be very good as a film. For a good film you need some sort of beginning and end – there’s not enough of a narrative whilst you’re still alive, unless you’ve gone through some sort of bonafide life-changing revelation.

I never was a fan of the neatly wrapped up tale. I was always one for the short story that just dipped in and out of someone’s experiences, even if nothing happened and no-one had any sort of transformation. The most interesting is often found in the mundane.

June 2010, Glasgow
Canon 7 – 50mm f0.95 – Fuji Superia 1600 (expired)


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