The first thought for anybody looking up to see one of their city’s landmark buildings flying the flag of a different nation must surely be – “Ohshi.. have we been invaded?”


In this case, it was made even less likely given that Glasgow’s City Chambers was adorned with the white-on-red square that is the national flag of Switzerland – famous for their staunch neutrality.

It was always possible that somewhere in the bowels of the council there was a janitor being shouted at: “I’ve told you TIME AND AGAIN! It’s the one with the BLUE background!”.

A bit of research came up with the truth, however. There was no administrative cock-up and no foreign occupation. Instead, it was in celebration with Swiss National Day.

Here’s how we celebrated.

and here’s Keith’s “Swiss National Day pose”:

Given that I was born in Zurich, I feel like I should have been out getting drunk or something to mark the day properly. It’s already earmarked in my diary for next year where there will be chocolate, fondue and err.. clocks.


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