I’ve been away on tour for a week with the wonderful ‘Hold Your Horse Is’ and ‘Shoes and Socks Off’.

They kept telling me that they were the poorest band I’d ever have toured with, and to a large extent it was true – they were living off of about £2.50 a day or less.

So when we were offered somewhere to stay in ‘Balloch’ after playing in Edinburgh, it was a bit of a shock to find that it was Cameron House with a sauna, ‘jacuzzi’ and various other things.

Probably the gayest experience in a long time, but after a few days of sleeping on floors, very welcome.

Pictured is myself and Toby aka Shoes and Socks Off – former vocalist in Meet Me in St Louis. You can have a read about his newest album and download an MP3 here.

Cameron House, Loch Lomond – September 2010
Hasselblad 500CM – Fuji Neopan 400 pushed to 1600


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