Tonight was the premiere of The Big Slick.

The culmination of months of writing, planning and a lot of hard work, it was a DIY feature-length film project done on a budget of about ten quid.

I’ve been reading a lot recently about the creative alternative folk musician circles in America, and how one person involved described it: “we’ve been thinking there must be a name for what we’re doing, but to us it’s just family.”

The same seems to be true with these guys. Starting out with a few short films amongst friends, the ‘Enlightened Monster’ crew has swelled to include a whole assortment of people in the various wider circles of our core group of pals from school… pulling upon their talents in makeup, writing, sound engineering, musical ability and all sorts.

After leaving school and going into the world our separate ways, it seemed like there was little to keep in touch for anymore except the weekly trips to the pub. (Okay, maybe more than weekly). Relationships were frayed; trust weakened and patience wore thin. Having something that everyone is involved in in such a creative way has probably saved a lot of our friendships, and made them seem a lot deeper than they ever were.

On top of all of that, the writing and execution was really wickedly funny, and even I, who is the harshest of critics despite any intentions to be otherwise, couldn’t find fault in the end result.

Below’s a fairly large selection of photos from tonight.


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