I’ve not posted any club photos in ages, but rest assured… I’ve still been plugging away.

This was Sacred Betrayal, playing at Voodoo – the Cathouse under 18s. 

I’m pretty sure his t-shirt wasn’t a reference to me.

.. about 95% sure.

The thing about being a freelancer, or self employed in any way, is that there’s no such thing as ‘sick pay’. If you’re really need the money, then it means you find yourself in the situation of pushing yourself through, even if you should be in bed with a big mug of hot honey and lemon.

The same thing goes for time. It’s easy to throw about quotes about how you need to avoid ‘burning the candle at both ends’, and the familiar parental warnings against ‘doing too much’ and burning out, but the reality is that when you feel like you’re being given the choice to avoid working, then it’s not really much of a choice at all. You need to do it, because to refuse would reflect badly against who you are – even if only to yourself.. and that’s not even considering the actual financial situation.

Having seen the ways that some companies treat staff by classing them as ‘self employed’ when the distinction is purposely blurred (and I’m not referring to my situation here now), in order to avoid paying them the minimum wage or meet their other legal obligations to those who make them their money, then I think we need more protection for those that operate outwith what was previously considered to be the standard occupational scenario of a fully fledged, contracted employee.

It’s all well and good to say that you get out what you put in, but sometimes we need a bit of protection from ourselves and our own unrealistic expectations, as well as other people’s.


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