…and this was Easter.

I’m sure most people wouldn’t attribute the adjective ‘traditional’ to me very readily, but when it comes to family things, I tend to be all for the tradition… at least in terms of gatherings.

Food and drink is a fairly important centre and gathering point to us, and it’s marked almost every substantial event in our lives – whether that’s because of the influence from Mediterranean relatives or otherwise is a topic for another day.

Because of that though, the annual gatherings at Christmas and New Year have got a lot of significance… to me at least.

Thing is, there’s the ever present danger that tradition just becomes repetitive, and for the past few years it would seem that Yuletide has just seemed more like the end of the conveyor belt of another year leading to the next, instead of the real meaning… whatever that might have become.

This year hasn’t yet fallen into that trap, but there’s still time. I still have a few weeks of work to get through…

Next year I’m going to make sure I do something a bit different.

Crail, April 2010
Hasselblad 500CM – Kodak Portra 400VC (expired 2007)


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