This is Bidu.

She was my couchsurfing host for the first day or so I was in Birmingham, and she was hilarious.. there was no awkwardness at all, and she introduced me to all sorts of crazy music and anime.

As well as that, on the second night she took me and a couple of my pals from Birmingham to this party in ‘some block of flats’.

That block of flats turned out to be an exclusive set of apartments set above the Radisson, with us on the 28th floor overlooking the city.

Walking in to such an amazing view, the place was filled with couchsurfers that were from all over the world; writing books, travelling here, there and everywhere. It was such a surreal experience.

I don’t think I’ll ever have a mosh pit to Balkan Beat Box in a flat like that again; that’s for sure.

Birmingham, January 2011
Canon 7 – 50mm f0.95 – Fuji Superia 1600


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