After two years of parking in the same place up the road from my flat, Glasgow City Council have decided to start issuing fixed penalties to all of the residents who do likewise.

The street is a small, beaten up street away from the city centre, where the yellow lines that were once in effect have long since been near completely eroded, and removed altogether in places. As a result, those that live in the area know to keep their cars here in order to avoid paying hefty fines in private (or on street) car parks.

Since the restrictions are no longer in force, parking wardens never ticket those that park on what remains of the defunct yellow lines, but today some nice person decided to do just that, without any pomp or ceremony.

As you can see from below, that smudge of yellow goes way past what is acceptable as minor erosion or fading. We all know that lots of idiots chance their luck with partly worn away lines, but this is incredible.

These are the shots I’m sending in to explain why I shall not be paying their fine.


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