Here’s Heidi Kuisma. I’ve known her for about four years through the elusive network that comprises of Glaswegian photographers.

The wonderful person that she is, Heidi kindly gave me her Lomo LC-A that she’s never used, after seeing my post the other day. I’ve always wanted to get a replacement after mine got stolen along with my Hasselblad at Belladrum in 2009, but never quite got round to it.

Heidi’s currently organising Papergirl Glasgow, which is something I keep meaning to submit something to but (again) haven’t got round to it. I will now though.

It’s a great concept which lets arists of all sorts of genres get their work distributed for free in the American paper boy style to people in the city’s streets. Have a click on the link above and have a swatch if you’re of that ilk. Submissions are open to all countries, so it’s not limited to just our wee islands.


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