Mojo Fury – live in Cafe Drummonds, Aberdeen
February 7th 2011
Lumix DMC-GF1 – Elitar Soligor 25mm f0.95

I’ve never been one for moving pictures, or creating them at least.

Truth be told, it just never really had a great appeal.. Video’s a strange thing for a photographer, as trying to tell some sort of story with more than one frame seems quite a daunting task. It’s hard enough to be good enough with just that one shot, never mind 25-30 per second.

Since I got the GF1 with its snazzy video capabilities though, it’s been difficult not to play about with it, especially since it can mount and use the superfast lenses I’ve got.

Being away on tour though, it’s turning out to be a rather nifty way to document things, and it’s actually quite a refreshing change to be able to capture a whole ‘scene’ at once, in contrast to the single-frame mentality. It makes a lot of sense as well to go from one to another… my film-maker pal in Birmingham was incredulous when she discovered I didn’t do video, as she said it was a natural step. “If you’ve got a good eye, you’ve got a good eye; whether it’s stills or moving.”

Hmm. Good point.

Above is a video of an unreleased/untitled song from Mojo Fury, which has had not a whole lot of treatment, but is a pretty cool example of what can be done fairly easily. We’ll see what comes from this new interest!

Anyway, check out the song and the band. They’re rather good.


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