Glasgow – Hold Your Horse Is Tour – Feb 2011

I didn’t shoot all that many photos when the guys played in Glasgow.

Partly because they were donning the stage at the 13th Note, which, whilst it’s a place I like, is not best suited for photography of many sorts. Anyone that’s visited the basement-venue with its few red ‘fireglow’ bulbs will understand what I mean.

Added to that was the fact that since Hold Your Horse Is were crashing at the flat, it felt a bit strange to be sniping them whilst they were in my space. When people are guests you don’t automatically take to grabbing photos of them all the time.. even me! It felt more like being at home and having people round than being in a new place worthy of documenting.

I’m sure I must have said this before at some point, but it was probably back in September, so I’ll go ahead and run the risk of repetition.

Coming off of tour is a really strange process. You spend your whole time doing a series of things that lead up to this one moment – where the band play – which you then repeat the next day, with variations in the details. It’s like one big perpetual Déjà vu. Obviously the whole process is important to the experience, but you can’t help but focus on the time on-stage, which is a strange way to live.

Consequently , returning to ‘normal’ life is a bit of a shell-shock. You get so used to the pattern, even if it’s just over a few days, that being apart from the people you’ve shared this unusual time with, and not going through this daily cycle can throw you off balance. You get restless; bored to the extent that you become really productive and feel inadequate and unfulfilled al at once… that is if the loneliness doesn’t get you first. Withdrawal from those you go through a communal experience with can really come in to bite you hard, and that doesn’t just apply to the rather specific experience of a tour.

When you’re away on such a trip though, even if you’re not actually participating much in the facilitation of everything that goes on, it gives a bizarre sort of purpose and identity. I’m not sure whether this is just the emotional hangover of someone who used to be in a band speaking mind you. When you write music it becomes such a big part of how you define yourself that it can be hard to wean yourself off of that.

There’s still a few tour dates worth of photos left, so expect more musings on the subject over the course of the next few days.


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