Hold Your Horse Is/Mojo Fury Tour – Leeds

Some days on tour you don’t take many pictures.

Sometimes it’s better just to experience things.

Saying that though, you get an awfully warped perspective of a place from just the limited exposure from such a brief visit. The nature of the beast means that by all counts you consider to have been to such a place, be it Edinburgh, Leeds or wherever else, but when you only see the main roads in to a city, and then one of its venues (possibly the streets nearby when you venture out for food), can you really say you’ve been to anywhere in particular?

This is what I remember of Leeds.

Brightly lit takeaways in rows.

That and the inside of the Brudenell Social Club, with its variety-club feel, and old-man pub at the front. Very strange to see such a contrast of some of the most exciting bands in the country passing through behind a place where guys in bunnets and tweed spend their days.

The best venues are always pretty screwed up though.


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