I’m now 23

I’m now 23. This is older than I’ve ever been, and I’m having a hard time concentrating on the flow of thought or conversation; sleep has been elusive the past couple of days and I’m running on empty. Alex told me today that whenever I get something new to do I end up really going […]

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One From The Archives I get to have a lot of drunken wist imparted upon me because of the whole club photographer thing, whether I like it or not. That can come in many forms, whether it’s being told how easy the job is by people who’ve never worked a day as a photographer in […]

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German Couchsurfers

When Thani and Miri came to stay for the weekend, we showed them all the cultural highlights… Glasgow University, Tchai Ov Na, and of course, ‘The Highlands’. Well, we saw the mountains from the car. That counts right? Here’s part one of the Hasselblad photos.

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Whitelee Wind Farm

Apparently the largest one in Europe. “Now if this is a real Scottish Visitors’ Centre, it’ll be closed.” and it was. Closed ‘due to the weather’. This seemed hilarious, until we got stranded up in the hills in a barrage of hail. I blame it for the cold I’ve fallen under. Shot with a Hasselblad […]

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