Thani and Miri came to stay for a long weekend in Glasgow with me whilst they were visiting Scotland from Germany, and we had a rather grand time of it.

Their first impression of the city was not the best, as they were in a suspect hostel, and saw Sauchiehall Street at its.. ‘finest’ in the evening as their initial landing place. As a result, they had debated returning to Edinburgh, where they’d been the prior few days. Any self respecting Glaswegian will realise that this would be an incredibly unsatisfactory situation, so I took it upon myself to make sure they changed their minds and came to love the dear green place.

They did.

The girls had said they had planned to visit ‘The Highlands’, but that it had turned out to be too expensive for the trip up there for just a day. It’s such a bizarre concept… people always want to see ‘The Highlands’, but it’s a bit more difficult than that to pinpoint an exact location to go to. After all, it’s a rather big place, and there’s no here nor there that you can see exactly. You kind of just need to experience and take in the whole thing.

The version that they had been given included travelling up to Inverness on the A9, which would surely just be a big disappointment. Inverness is nice enough, but it’s just another town.. instead, I took them up a drive through the mountains on the West Coast, past Glencoe and all that; stopping in Fort William for fish and chips.

Ye cannae beat eating a fish supper in the freezing cold on a day trip. It’s a proud Scottish childhood tradition.

We definitely didn’t mention the war at any point, and the humour flowed as if the pair of Germans had been pals with us for years instead of hours and days. The best couchsurfers are those that can slot so easily into your life that it’s as if they always were there. The problem is that you don’t want them to leave!

I won’t say much more about the acts and facts of what we actually did, as it seems a bit of a chore to recollect them purely for sake of posterity. What’s really on my mind is the fact that such close, affectionate ties can be struck up over the course of just a few days when you spend so much time with people, and how it can make it rather difficult when you constantly need to say goodbye to them. It’s always awesome to meet new friends and have shared experiences, but can also be a bitter pill when you realise that these pals are halfway round the world, and the chances of you spending time together again anytime soon are fairly slim given your current financial outlook.

That sounds a lot more negative than it’s meant to be. It just sucks having to say goodbye to people who you’ve only just met and have grown rather fond of. The alternative is far worse though. You could be doing the same things with the same people forever. It doesn’t bear thinking about. 😉

This was also the first time I’ve got shots back from the tweaked, original Russian LC-A that the wonderful Ms. Heidi Kuisma donated to me after I was mourning the loss of my own one on Twitter. I have to say, they turned out rather well. The size of the beastie, as well as its auto exposure function means that it’s definitely something that’ll be getting used more and more as and when I get the chance. To those that scoff and underestimate it as a result of the marketing drive of the LSI, more fool them.


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