I had done well with abstaining from drinking till last weekend. Ironically, whilst out in the Flying Duck and slumped on one of the couches, the security asked “You aright pal?”, thinking that I was pished. I was the only sober person in the whole place!

However, nine days in, I gave up in honour of Thani and Miri’s last night in Glasgow. Not only were we going out, but some other chums, so it would be rude not to have joined in the festivities. I did take it slow mind… not the usual drunken carnage that would entail a night on the tiles.

I wanted to get photos, but to avoid things becoming too much like work I just took out the wee GF1. Whilst the results aren’t awful, it’s clear that the flash just isn’t up to the task of proper club photos.. so view these with a pinch of salt!

There’s nothing like new people to make even the most familiar of places seem fresh again. I should know. Recently I worked out that I’d done exactly 365 separate nights in the Cathouse over the past few years. That’s a whole year of nightclub photography in the one location. A whole year of my life spent on Union Street. Pretty impressive really. Even still, going out purely for the pleasure of it, with people that wouldn’t usually be together made everything seem like a completely new and distinct experience. I always love having totally disparate groups of friends come together; it can be so surreal, and people can interact and intermingle in ways that you would never expect or imagine.

Walking home along Argyle Street, with the customary visit to one of the 24 hour shops has never been so much fun.

I’ve no idea what’s happened to my left hand in this photo. I do have one. Honest.

and finally… the obligatory photo-in-the-lift. Such a convenient place. You can’t even readily tell that this is a mirrored reflection, which makes it all the cooler.


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