Somebody was asking about shooting at T in the Park the other day, so I dug out some shots from ‘behind the scenes’ as it were, in 2009. They give a pretty cool insight into a bit of what it’s like to be a press photographer at a big festival.

You can spot me fairly easily by the pink hair. Also pictured is the infamous John Lewis, who if you’ve been to almost any gig in Glasgow in 2009-10, you’re likely to have seen him or his pictures.

There’s something pretty amazing about walking out in front of thousands of people to take photos. It’s the same sort of feeling you get from being onstage (well, in my own limited experience in smaller venues). It’s got that electric charge in the air, especially when the act is someone like Rage Against the Machine.

That feeling alone is what made it all worthwhile – the mud, the queues, the fights with PR and security staff… Although after three years I’d had enough. I do still miss it though. Maybe if somebody wants to pay me lots of money I’ll consider doing T again.

These were all shot by Mr. Jamie Simpson of the Evening Times, who I’m sure won’t mind me posting them up here (they were originally posted on the SPPA forum), but if so – drop me a line. Don’t reproduce them elsewhere.


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